Just Talking

Hi dear ones,

Today I came with a post in english for the ones  who wants to try this language,  (like me) or who really lives in another country. I want to start asking for mercy, because my english is not too good. So, I won’t talk about books today. It will be a text, my first text in this blog. I hope you like.


Nowdays we have heard a lot of times the word “taboo”. This word is always associate to gays, or feminism, or anything that the world is not used to see, but, what does it means? A prohibition? Something wrong? For real, I don’t know, however, I’m here to breake  at least one of them.
Psychiatry. Why is it a taboo if it is a profession? They are doctors. For most of the people, they are “Crazy people’s doctors’. So, let me tell you one thing: they are not. A person with some disturb or mental disease is a normal person with some disturb or mental disease that needs help and support, not only from the psychiatrist, but also from the family and friends. We cannot close our eyes to someone that don’t want to live anymore.
 This group of persons need help, want help. They want an ear to listen them, an arm to hug, a mouth to give a good advice and encourage, and they really want some eye to cry. Because cry alone can be good or horrible, but cry together, is one of the best things ever.

So, please, let’s respect the psychiatry. They save lifes like all the doctors

By Milly